Oct 12, 2008

Conference traditions

I am definitely slow in posting about this, but better late than never!

Our family has a couple of traditions surrounding the semi-annual General Conference of our church, which happened last weekend. The first sprang from Garry's family, who always has crepes for breakfast before the Sunday morning session. Mmmm....crepes!

Our favorite filling is strawberry jam and whipped cream, but we've also experimented with bananas and Nutella; cinnamon and sugar; and other jams and spreads. When we told the boys that Conference time was coming, Tyler's first question was, "Are we going to have crepes?" We've trained them well!

Another tradition has sprouted in an attempt to convince two rowdy boys to sit still and listen to eight hours of broadcasted messages. Considering their ages, we did really well this time! We made a list of topics they should listen for. When the key words were spoken, they got to eat a treat. By the last session on Sunday, the boys did have tummy aches....Dad really splurged at the grocery store and got more treats than usual.

We were sad that Garry had to work so much over Conference weekend. He was gone from 10 a.m. Saturday to 1:30 a.m. Sunday (yikes!) and for about three hours Sunday evening. The quarterly report he was working on had to be done on a certain day of the month, which necessitated the unusual weekend hours. We sure enjoyed him while he was home most of Sunday, and have a renewed appreciation for our weekend Daddy.

On Sunday we took a drive between Conference sessions to see the gorgeous fall leaves. Exploring our surroundings was fun (we haven't done much of that yet), and seeing the stunning yellow aspens against the dark evergreens was quite breathtaking! We stopped for a few family photos in the mountains. I hope this becomes another Conference tradition!

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