Oct 6, 2008

The bean

Our little bean has a heartbeat! Hooray! I'm not quite as far along as I'd hoped -- just seven weeks -- but I'll take it. Our official due date is May 25, 2009 (does that seem far away to anyone else????). Maybe our pattern will hold and Baby will arrive two weeks early.

It's always good to know I'm puking for a good reason. But speaking of the puke, I'm grateful for another blessing in my life: good insurance. I filled a prescription today that should knock out the morning sickness. Retail price for 30 pills (technically a ten-day supply, but I hope to stretch it): $704.89. (And that's the generic drug!) My cost: $10.00.

P.S. Note the warning at the top: "If you experience nausea or vomiting while using this medicine, check with your doctor." WHAT??? I love that an anti-emetic may cause vomiting.

Here's another amusing
--albeit unrelated-- picture.

This afternoon Tyler played at a neighbor's house. The friend's mom walked him home and informed me that Tyler and his buddy cut each other's hair. I laughed it off (much to the mother's relief), but even though Ty isn't missing a pigtail or anything, I'm still not sure what to do about his bald spots. His hair is pretty short, but I'm not crazy on the skin-head look on four-year-olds. Any suggestions?
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