Oct 3, 2008

Park magic

I'm so glad the boys and I went to the park today.

Getting out of the house -- in jeans! -- and trying to ignore my rollicking innards was really good for me. Plus I finally made good on a promise to get Zach back to the BMX park. What a great time the boys had riding and running around those hills. I laughed out loud watching Tyler's efforts at Tricycle Motocross (neither of us thought he was ready for off-roading with his two-wheeler, but the trike wasn't up to snuff either). When that got too tiring, we all went over to the playground. Swings were fun for a while, and then all three boys discovered the little-kid structure together. It was Gavin's first foray into steps and slides, and boy, was that fun! Watching my cute sons playing together so happily just warmed my heart. The fun lasted about as long as the weather; when the afternoon thunderstorm rolled in, we were good to go.

I took tons of photos and thought I could plop a little slideshow in this here blog, but I couldn't figure it out. Here's a direct link instead! (Maybe some advice from a more knowledgeable blogger can help me out for future posts...)

Later, at home, chaos and mayhem erupted and two big boys went to bed rather sad. I was glad for the happy, peaceful, memorable afternoon we had together that, at least for me, threw a ray of sunshine over the gloom.

Happy weekend!
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