Oct 20, 2008

The children speak

Yesterday our ward had its annual Children's Sacrament Meeting Program. All the children ages 3-11 (75-ish) sang beautiful songs and had speaking parts on the theme of "I am a Child of God." This was Tyler's first year participating and Zachary's first year overcoming his stage fright. We were so proud of the boys for doing so well. Seeing Zach step to the microphone and deliver his part flawlessly was a huge pay day. I cried.

I recorded the boys saying their speaking parts at home.

Zach did a great job with his mouthful of big words.

When it was Tyler's turn in the program, he held up a picture of Brigham Young and said, "This is Joseph Smith...DOH!...I mean Brigham Young!!!" It was hilarious.

Well done, boys. Well done!
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