Oct 18, 2008

Saturday afternoon

We enjoyed a lovely outing to the pumpkin patch with lots of friends on Saturday afternoon. You'll notice we have no pictures of pumpkins, since pumpkins shipped in from lower altitudes and crated in boxes aren't nearly as exciting as those you can pluck from the vine with your bare hands. However, great fun was had by all for the fabulous price of ten dollars.

The best part of our outing was playing with a huge pile of friends from our ward.
If I'm counting right, there were seven families with 21 collective children!

Granny flew in from Mesa on Saturday morning to spend a week with us!
She and Gavin are much as Gavin will allow.

Tyler made a friend in this goat, who was being rather uncooperative.

The wait for the hay ride was long and the ride itself was short,
but the kids (nearly all on this ride were with our group) had a great time.

This slide was another highlight of the trip
and this photo was the funniest of the bunch.

And our cute boys.

The end.
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