Oct 16, 2008

It's fun when it starts....and it's fun when it ends.

The soccer season has come to an end.

If I wasn't worried about spewing all over the keyboard, I'd do a ceremonial song and dance. You'll just have to use your imaginations.

Zachary and Tyler had a great time learning to play the game, getting to know other kids, and wearing their cool gear twice a week. But as good things always do, soccer time has come to an end. It's getting cold and dark at game time, and the boys are anxious to do other things every evening. But we'll definitely give soccer another run next year. Garry will probably even coach again.

To celebrate their seasons, each boy's team had a little party and awards ceremony after the final game. There's nothing like pizza and trophies and pictures to send off the season with style! Each party was a little crazy in its own way, but we had some memorable evenings with our boys. Zach thought it was cool to wear his soccer shirt to school on the day after his last game and take his trophy for show-and-tell (he's the star of the week in his class).

Here's a little slide show (I figured it out!) of soccer pictures. Since it is rather little, though, you can click here for a bigger version. Enjoy!

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