Oct 8, 2008


Life has been pretty...ah...interesting around here lately. Sometimes I can roll with it, and others, well, I crash into a brick wall. So in the spirit of counting my blessings, I want to send a special shout-out to four people who have improved my life immeasurably in the last few days.

To Garry, who has braved Wal-Mart, soccer nights by himself, and bedtime chores with a smile.

To Becky in Ohio, whose timely and lengthy phone call saved my sanity on Tuesday. Wish we could be neighbors.

To Colleen, who stayed after playgroup at my house today and washed every grimy thing in my kitchen sink.

To Kendra, who brought me Red Hots and Hot Tamales because she heard cinnamon candy can quash nausea.

These simple acts of kindness and service made me feel so loved, and have helped soothe rough days full of little boys who crash down bookshelves, bring home "red lights" from school, horrify their Primary teachers, cut their hair, refuse to wear shoes/nap/eat/do chores/behave, spit on strangers, hit friends, pull down shower curtains (and continue to shower), pee on the floor, and scream "MOM!" like it's a swear word.

Thank you, thank you, to my dear and wonderful friends.
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