Oct 19, 2008

Zachary turns seven!

Sometimes when I look at Zach I still see the little baby we brought home from Orem Community Hospital seven years ago. How much has happened since the day we first became parents! We sure love our not-so-little Zachary.

Zachary's birthday celebrations were made much grander with the generosity of his far-flung relatives who all pitched in with great presents. Having Granny here for the early-morning festivities was fun, too. I love that Zach is at the age where Speed Racer underwear Batman Legos, a motorized coin bank, Captain Underpants books, and a camera are equally exciting. Grandma Bartle stole the show with a remote control airplane, though. The boys quickly discovered that the airplane is best operated at a park, but it's still a huge hit.

We have a tradition of fun homemade birthday cakes. This year I selected a few photos online of cakes I was willing to make and Zach picked his favorite. Pizza obsessed boy that he is, he picked a pizza cake. Toppings include cheese (sliced sticks of orange gum), pepperoni (fruit leather), olives (M&Ms), pineapple (jelly beans), and sausage (chopped Crunch bar). Thanks to Granny and Garry for putting together the pizza with me. We also had frozen pizza for Zach's birthday dinner (since it was Sunday and we elected not to order out).

Here's Zach making a wish as he blew out his candle.

And Gavin LOVED tasting cake for the first time. He's the next birthday boy in our family, so we thought he ought to practice.

Happy birthday, Zach!
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