Oct 13, 2008

I'm Awesome

Garry took Zach to school this morning (as usual) but unexpectedly returned home instead of continuing on to work. He had forgotten his cell phone and went to his dresser to retrieve it.

Only it wasn't there.

This was pretty strange, since Garry is a creature of habit and ALWAYS unloads his pockets in the same place: the top of his dresser. Unlike I, who am known for being scatterbrained and always on the hunt for something, Garry never varies from his routine. The missing cell phone was quite a mystery.

Garry retraced yesterday's steps. He knew he had the phone at church (it has his calendar on it, so it proves useful there) and was pretty confident he'd brought it home. Still, he searched the car (a few times), his dress pants, the laundry basket, and every room in the house. He looked under covers and couches, on counters and desks. His blue tooth headset connected to his cell when he called it from the home phone, so he knew it was in the house, but neither of us could determine the phone's exact location because he'd turned the ringer off at church.

We were both perplexed as we searched, but true to his nature, Garry was calm and collected (I would have been a frustrated, explosive mess). Just as Garry had given up and decided to head to work sans phone, I opened the top drawer of his dresser. I rummaged a bit...and found the phone. I called to Garry, who was pretty surprised where I had found it. I felt a teensy bit like a hero.

And then I realized that The Case of the Missing Phone was my fault.

When I retired to bed last night, the phone was sitting atop the dresser (its usual spot, mind you), blinking a bright blue reminder light (it was Tooth Fairy night at our house...didn't want to forget again). In the dark, the flash was driving me crazy and preventing sleep. Instead of walking downstairs to ask Garry to take care of the flash, I tucked the phone in the top drawer. Still it blinked through the cracks. So I stuffed it under a shirt. Ah...darkness. Sleep.

And of course, because I have zero short-term memory these days, I had absolutely no recollection of these events as Garry was searching for his phone today.

Luckily for me, Garry laughed off my idiocy when I told him about it. And he probably whistled his way to work, simply glad to have his phone back. What a guy.
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