Feb 2, 2008

Friday Night

Friday's events made for good blog fodder. The morning offered adventures in homework for Zach (why, oh why did we neglect his monthly calendar until this week?); a lovely picture of a girl in a garage and grass from Tyler (the result of "please draw a 'g' picture"); an unfortunate series of events involving a haircut appointment, a horrific Wal-Mart excursion, and a foiled cousin playdate; lunch at Devlin's house; a phone call from Garry about possible buyers for our house; a Mommy meltdown (related more to Wal-Mart than the house); and a rescheduled and successful cousin playdate. It would be too exhausting to include all the details, so that's the bare bones version of the day.

The evening is much easier to talk about. Zach and Ty slipped into dreamland rather quickly (insert Hallelujah Chorus here) and Gavin took up residence in the swing, leaving me free to chat and relax with the fam. Topics of discussion: politics, funerals, scar stories, garbage collection, the telecom industry (see Mark for a detailed history), David Hasselhoff at the ASU bookstore, Angie's weird neighbors, and someone whose middle name is really Danger.

In addition...
Dad helped Ryan with his Friday night accounting assignment.

Chloe entertained us with her hysterical chatter and loving attention to the "beebee." She got in and out of this car seat about ten times.

She also loved a new book from Granny, but wasn't too thrilled about going to bed.

Gavin slept the evening away. This photo makes his hair look red, but it isn't.

Eric and Myron discussed something important before Eric abandoned us for a social event.

Not pictured: Myron running to the grocery store for treats, Holly making popcorn, Dad doodling on cereal boxes, and Amy leaving for California for the weekend.

For more photos of this week's events, see Angie's blog and Rachel's blog. Boy, we're popular...
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