Feb 13, 2008

Interview with a four-year-old

Heidi: So, Tyler, what do you think about being four?
Tyler: Well, the first thing I like is growing up.
Heidi: What did you do to celebrate today?
Tyler: Got presents. Then Mom mixed my ice creams together.
Heidi: What are your favorite things to eat?
Tyler: Chocolate chips, donuts, cake, pumpkin pie, ice cream pie...every treat there is.
Heidi: What do you like to do at home now that you don't go to school?
Tyler: Nothing.
Heidi: Who are your friends?
Tyler: Isaac, Alex, Abbie, Isabel. And me.
Heidi: What's your favorite show on TV?
Tyler: I don't know. All my TV shows are my favorites, actually.
Heidi: What do you like about being a big brother?
Tyler: Helping Baby.
Heidi: What do you plan to do in your life before you are five?
Tyler: Go to Pump it Up. Have fun at home. Hm....I keep thinking. Go to Grandma Bartle's house. What do you keep writing down, Mom?
Heidi: Is there anything else you'd like to say?
Tyler: Yes, if we have surf boards, I want to go surfing at Seaside. The end.

Happy birthday, buddy.
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