Feb 5, 2008

Chunky monkey check-up

Gavin had a two-month checkup yesterday and weighed in at 15 pounds. He's 24.5 inches long and has a head circumference of 16 inches. Not surprisingly, those measurements are in the 95th, 95th, and 50th percentiles, respectively. Sometimes I wish I were a baby because chubby thighs on infants are absolutely adorable! Dr. Nash said Gavin's development is going well. Gavin's ear infection from a couple of weeks ago has cleared up, although he does still have a little fluid in both ears. A mild case of cradle cap is the only cause for concern. That is easily managed.

We finished the visit with a bunch of immunizations, which made Gavin the third child in the family to offer a screaming fit that morning. His was the only one I felt was justified, but hearing him cry still made me sad. Luckily Gavin offers coos and grins that light up the room. I was so happy to capture one of his sweet smiles on camera!

I noticed when we were in Arizona that Gavin is starting to interact with toys and objects around him. In my haste to pack up the house a few weeks ago, I boxed up all of our early-development toys and now I'm really regretting it! Those boxes are in the back bottom corners of our storage unit and won't see the light of day until we move. Bah! The little bouncer Gavin uses does have a little mirror that arches over his head. He has discovered it this week and it's fun to see him checking himself out! He's such a cutie.
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