Feb 23, 2008

Weekend Update

I'm still hanging onto the habit of compiling lists of things to report on at the end of each week as though I was still publishing our Sunday newsletter. Since all these things are rattling around in my head, I might as well spit them out into cyberspace, right?

For starters, we had seven house showings this week. We continue to get excellent reviews on the house, but a few lookers this week thought the price was too high. And, of course, the yard is too small, which is why no one wants to give us an offer. (Maybe if we had a dumpy house on a small lot people would think the two went together...) Our agent thinks it's time to reduce the price.

Only one group came to our three-hour open house today. One. ONE!!!! I cannot adequately express my frustrations on this issue (it's kind of a don't-get-me-started subject). This process is such an emotional rollercoaster, not to mention so physically and mentally taxing. I've done plenty of venting and crying today. Now that my little tantrum has passed, I am trying to get a grip on my perspective. A year ago I was freaking out about not being pregnant and now my sweet Gavin melts my heart. Maybe something wonderful is around the corner.

Speaking of Gavin, he continues to grow like a weed. His big brothers weren't nearly so large at this stage, so we are having seasonal clothing issues (nearly all of the clothes I have for his size are summer styles). I have found some bargains on warm clothes for Gavin in size 6-9 months! He is also growing out of his size 2 shoes. Gavin likes to gnaw on his fist now and even sucks his thumb on occasion. He is generally so happy and sweet and responsive to others. That's a thrill for the big boys. My big thrill for the week is that he slept 7.5 consecutive hours last night. I could get used to that!

Tyler said some memorable things this week:
  • [While listening to an arrangement of The Spirit of God, an LDS hymn]: "Is God's spirit really burning? Is He on fire?"
  • [After being charged with choosing a dinner vegetable]: "Can we have something with this wonderful, delicious thing (a cucumber)?"
  • [Noting Gavin's out-of-control hair]: "Gavin has a chicken feather!" (He meant a 'rooster tail.")
  • [At the dinner table]: "Please pass the Ernie chicken." (He meant Sesame chicken.)
I have noticed that Tyler is much more interested in Gavin than he used to be. Tyler wants turns holding Gavin now, and he enjoys keeping Gavin entertained when he's on the floor or in his chair. Tyler is the first one to offer to fetch a diaper/burp cloth/pacifier when I need one, and he's always on alert when Gavin gets fussy. It's sweet to see this brotherly bond emerge.

Another random Tyler tidbit: He has not asked about going back to preschool one time since we pulled him out. Not once! I'm not sure how I should feel about that.

For one of his homework assignments, Zachary had to make a card and give it to someone. I was delighted to be the recipient. Given my difficult week and my ongoing challenges with Zach, I especially appreciated the message: "To Mom. I love you Mommy so much. Frum Zach." So sweet. Zach also drew, colored, and cut out "I love you" hearts and hid them all over the house where family members would find them. I found one in my shoe, my drawer, and Gavin's drawer. Zach really can be thoughtful.

Garry has been super sick for four days. He came home from work early Wednesday with a fever, chills, and a terrible cough. He had to sit in the car for an hour because the house was being shown, but he was so cold that he turned the heater on full blast (it was beautifully warm and sunny outside!). At 6:00 he went straight to bed and basically didn't come out until late Friday afternoon. Poor guy. He's doing better, but only with DayQuil in his system.

We debuted a new parenting/discipline strategy in our house this week. Someone recommended "1-2-3 Magic" and, in our desperation, we opted to try it. I'm happy to have a new way to deal with recurring issues, and so far life is a little smoother. Let's hope the pattern holds.
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