Feb 2, 2008


So this morning I woke up to the sound of Gavin's crib making loud thumping sounds against the walls in his room. Very groggy, I ran into the study and found Gavin grinning as Tyler stood on the crib rails, rocking the crib back and forth. Tyler was "rocking the baby to make him happy" (and waking up the whole house in the process). Apparently the boys had all been up for a while because two huge bins of blocks and toys were strewn about the room and trailed down the hall.

Gavin hadn't eaten for four hours, so I decided to ignore the mess for the time being and nurse. I sat at the computer and finished up my last blog post. It was 7:30 a.m. All of a sudden I heard Eric yell from the upstairs bathroom. "WHO CLOGGED THE TOILET????" I interrupted Gavin's breakfast to investigate. Eric, clad only in a towel, was plunging the toilet as water poured all over the bathroom floor. Then he and Holly thundered downstairs to collect old towels to mop up the mess before the flood could seep through the floor to the ceiling below. Unfortunately, their collective efforts were not enough; soon water began to drip through the ceiling downstairs. Zachary, the culprit, looked on. Zach clogs toilets at home on a regular basis, but he'd never seen one overflow before. He seemed oddly fascinated by all the hubbub.

My parents could not have been nicer about the mess and the property damage, but I was determined that the least Zach could do was clean up the mess. He certainly wasn't happy about cleaning a poop-smeared bathroom, but if ever there was a natural consequence for bad behavior, this was it! Hopefully the rest of the day is less eventful, but maybe we'll end this trip with a bang.
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