Feb 20, 2008

MAXimum entertainment

These silly photos, snapped with my cell phone rather than an actual camera, are some of the best ones I've ever taken. The quality is poor, but the memories are so great!

I hadn't planned on this outing today, but during our Smart Cookies field trip to Kohl's (a search for clothing patterns...very fun) and the park lunch afterward (also great, except for the part where Zach pushed Alexander off an eight-foot rock), I got two calls from real estate agents who wanted to show the house. How could I decline? So even though we'd already been away from home all morning, we decided to keep playing.

The adventure? Another from our Oregon List: riding the MAX into Hillsboro. Woohoo!

Zach led the way into the front car, which has ground-level ramps for strollers.

Tyler was excited about riding on the upper deck
while I stood below.

We went to Let's Play, an incredible toy store where the kids can actually play with lots of toys.

The boys loved the train set, hockey table, marble chutes,
plasma car, push toys, Frisbees, books, play food, kitchen, and other games.

I took the opportunity to relax, feed Gavin, and enjoy a few games myself. We bought some marbles for Ty's new marble run, but that's it.

At Hillsboro Pharmacy & Fountain (just three doors down the street), we enjoyed ice cream cones. We each got a different flavor and passed the cones around.

Eventually we were free to go home, so we did. The ten-minute MAX ride was the perfect end to our outing, and it stopped just a half-mile from home.

It was pretty uncharacteristic of me to be so laid-back and patient and non-task-oriented for hours on end. We took our time, enjoyed each other, and just had fun. Why can't I be that kind of mom all the time?
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