Feb 10, 2008

The list

When we decided to move, we sat down as a family and made a list of places we want to see and things we want to do before we leave Oregon. The items on our list hold lots of happy memories for our family, so eventually I hope to make a scrapbook of our last Oregon adventures.

Yesterday we enjoyed the first activity: visiting the Hillsboro Public Library and its "big backyard." We haven't been to the library since Gavin was born, so choosing a new collection of books was pretty fun. Zach stuck to the usual non-fiction section, but Tyler branched out and got some fun stories and a chapter book. Garry and I had things on hold, so it was a successful outing for all.

We were especially happy that Saturday was a beautiful day. Zachary and Tyler were SO excited about running around the park behind the library. They raced and chased along the paths and played running games with Garry while I fed Gavin on a bench. We stopped to take pictures in their favorite tree, which they discovered in the fall of 2006 when we did a photo shoot amongst the autumn leaves. What a fun family outing.

Other items on our Oregon to-do/see list:
  • Rood Bridge Park
  • Noble Woods Park
  • Portland Oregon Temple
  • Tillamook Cheese Factory
  • Seaside Beach
  • Mt. Hood
  • Pump-it-up Play Land
  • OMSI
  • Oregon Zoo
  • The MAX
Stay tuned as we cross more items off the list!
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