Feb 7, 2008

Dinner conversation

Tonight at dinner, Garry mentioned that being settled in Colorado was on his mind today. He said how much he wishes we could just be there and have all this upheaval and uncertainty behind us. I wholeheartedly concurred. I wish I didn't have to go through all the hard stuff between now and the time that we are eventually settled in our new home and town. I want to skip that and get to when life will be "normal" again. The most difficult part, I continued, is that there is a huge hurdle (meaning the sale of our home) between now and when we can start muddling through the hard stuff -- and getting over that hurdle is 100% out of our control.

Zach piped up from across the table: "What's a hurdle?"

Before we could respond, Tyler said (with a very grown-up vocal inflection, a shrug in his shoulders, and his palms turned up), "That's just how life goes. It doesn't go very fast. Life is just work. You just can't do things faster than you can. So, it's just this way. Life can't go faster. Nobody can make it faster. That's all I know in my life."

We all paused to digest his sage comments (and I grabbed a pencil to write them down).

Then Tyler added, "And I want to be at Colorado, too."

From the mouths of babes come the greatest gems.
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