Jan 5, 2012


Lots of silly and/or wacky things happen around here.  I thought I'd catalog just a few from this week:

I found Gavin and Lexi running on the treadmill.  Both of them.  At the same time.  Fast.

When I put an end to their fun, Gavin protested:  "But Mom!  I need my exercise!"


Just before dinner, Tyler looked around the kitchen, living room, and dining room.  He made a confused face and said, "Did you clean up this house or something?"

(Instead of being offended, I was glad that someone noticed my efforts!)


Lexi and Gavin got into Tyler's tub of Flarp (farting's as ridiculous as it sounds), and Lexi apparently wanted to get up close and personal with it.  She came upstairs with a huge wad in her hair.

I spent the next half hour picking it out, strand by strand.  Then I washed her hair thoroughly in the bathtub and combed out the rest.  Although Lexi lost a few hairs, I didn't have to cut out the Flarp.  Disaster averted.

I stepped on the scale today after a full week of my new diet and exercise regimen.  I have really reduced my caloric intake and had a 20-30-minute date with the treadmill every day.  My reward?  A three-pound weight GAIN.

I love my life.
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