Jan 15, 2012

Notes for later

I have several partially-composed blog posts rolling around in my head, but right now my limited free time is occupied with this:

I'm not usually one to read much fiction (confession: I don't like being swept away), but in an effort to broaden my literary horizons, I decided to try this hefty classic.  And I love it.

Right now, I'm dying to know whether Valentine and Maximillian will end up together; if Mercedes ever discovers Edmond in disguise; what sinister role Benedetto is going to play; and how Monte Cristo finally exacts his revenge upon his enemies.  

Despite the fact that my reading opportunities are few and far between, I'm hoping to finish up the last 325 pages before book club meets on Thursday.  Maybe when I complete the novel, I'll catch up my blog friends on:

*blonde hairs and white hairs
*customer [dis]satisfaction
*kindergarten portfolios
*many layers of clothing
*one pound
*and maybe some other stuff

See you on the flip side!
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