Jan 20, 2012

Because we have children

The other afternoon, I walked into my bedroom.  I planned to take a nap, but Stanley was in my spot.

Gavin and Lexi love playing "sleepover."  They drag pillows and blankets all over the house and make beds for themselves.  Their favorite resting spots are the treadmill and the stairs.

At our house, all the kids brush their teeth in Mom and Dad's bathroom.  This routine developed when we bought an electric toothbrush.  It has four heads, so Mom, Dad, Zach, and Tyler all use it.  We have four kinds of toothpaste and six toothbrushes in the same drawer, which, ironically, resides in the smallest bathroom in the house.  It is tiny but gets LOTS of traffic.  Zach recently decided he likes the taste of my toothpaste.  I don't mind sharing, but Zach can't ever remember to replace the cap on the toothpaste, and it drives me nuts.  When this tube runs out, I'm labeling the new one "MOM ONLY."

The kids love goldfish crackers.  I hate them.

The end.
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