Jan 28, 2012

January goals revisited

January is almost over.  Even though it's been a very long month at my house, I still shake my head in disbelief when I look at the calendar.  Time marches on!

I am very glad I set health-related goals for January.  Making better choices about diet and exercise has been a good way to kick-start the year.  Doing a separate fitness challenge was probably a mistake, because I feel lots more pressure than I would if I was relying on my internal motivation alone.  It's too much; I might bow out of that.  Live and learn!

Through this process, I have learned and/or remembered a few things about myself.

First, I am an "abstainer" rather than a "moderator."  It is SO much easier for me to cut dessert out completely than to eat it occasionally, or to have no ice cream at all than just a small serving.  On the flip side, exercising every single day (except Sunday, which I always take off) is lots easier than three days a week.  I'm an all-or-nothing girl.

Second, fruits and vegetables taste yummy and are very satisfying.  I love apples.

Third, I am rarely hungry.  If I only eat when I'm actually hungry, I don't eat nearly as often as I habitually wander into the kitchen.  And I'm not always hungry at traditional mealtimes, which is complicated, since I live with and am responsible to feed six other people.

Fourth, I am a very emotional eater.  The last two weeks have been really rough, and I'm sorry to say I abandoned my goals for a while in favor of old habits.  My empty resolution chart has haunted me, which hasn't helped my mood!  I keep telling myself that tomorrow is a new day...

Fifth, exercise makes me happy.  Endorphins coupled with the uplifting material I'm reading in the Ensign magazine (during my walking periods) can boost my mood significantly.  When I'm walking/jogging, good things click into place mentally and I feel empowered to do better in many areas of my life.  

So now, at the end of January, as I take account of my efforts to change, I think that overall it has been a successful month.  I'm glad I will continue with my health-related goals throughout the year.  It will take a long time to extinguish bad habits and solidify the good.  Because of my persistent ill health and imbalanced hormones, I haven't lost a single pound, my clothes feel exactly the same, and I haven't been able to change how I feel, but I don't think my January goals were a waste.  Onward and upward!
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