Jan 20, 2012

Five months!

Dearest, darlingest Kate,

Oh, how time has flown since you joined our family!  We just can't imagine life without you--and you are truly a joy in our household.

One of the new things in your life this month was the big bathtub.  You were a little tentative at first, all alone in the big sea of water, but now you love to kick and wiggle. Lexi loves to join you.  Bath time is a very happy time.

You have been sleeping in Lexi's room since the end of November, but a recent furniture move put your crib and Lexi's little bed on one wall.  One of her favorite things is climbing in bed with you when you wake up.  Gavin does this, too.  They are anxious to babysit, apparently.  They love to make you smile, and you love the company.

You are a hungry girl and drink 6 ounces of formula about every three hours.  The significant uptick in your feeding demands has helped you really fill out this month.  You weigh 15.8 pounds now, which is in the 68th percentile.  Your height, 23.5 inches, is just in the 6th percentile.

We love your darling rolls!  You wiggle and arch your back while you drink your bottle.  You are so interested in the world around you!

You don't enjoy eating rice cereal.  It's time to try oatmeal, but your general lack of enthusiasm isn't very motivating!  You do like holding spoons, though.

Your hair is getting a little longer, and the hair growing in over your bald spot is very blonde.  You and I are both growing white hairs these days!  People say you are becoming more like Gavin, and I have to agree.  I'm sure you'll have your own look eventually, but everyone comments on how you "got the Bartle stamp."  You belong to us!

Your nighttime sleep habits were taking a turn for the better around Christmastime, but have since regressed into two or three night wakings per night.  How can we help you learn that there's plenty of time for snuggles during the day?

You have discovered your voice and delight in loud shrieking.  Sometimes we can't tell if you are happily talking or bordering on terror.  Either way, you are highly entertaining. You have learned to blow raspberries with your lips and tongue.  This endlessly pleases your rowdy brothers, who like to mimic the noise you make...and the spit you produce.

You spend lots of time batting at toys hanging above you.  You don't grab toys much yet, but do hold onto toys I give you--and you put everything in your mouth.  You are learning (finally) to enjoy the swing.  It is ten years old and doesn't work especially well, but it comes in handy during piano lessons and dinner preparation.  The doorway jumper is another venue for your entertainment.  We think you quite enjoy an upright view of the world.  This is another place that Gavin and Lexi find highly amusing.  They can't wait for you to start jumping up and down.

You celebrated your first Christmas and your first New Year this month.  This time last year, I wasn't sure we would survive until your birth.  But we did!  We are so, so glad that you are here.  We love you, Katelyn Joy!

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