Jan 26, 2012

To sleep or to learn?

Gavin is giving up on naps.  *sigh*

I know I have been totally spoiled with a child who has napped for four solid years, but I still grieve the loss.  Since I take a nap nearly every day, Gavin's new life plan will require a significant adjustment for me.  That said, Gavin and I have had some sweet one-on-one time while his sisters have napped this week.

One day we read books in my bed.  We took turns; I read a page, and then he read a page. Gavin was delighted with the quick progress we made through his BOB books.  Then he wanted to write letters on the whiteboard.  We started with words from his books.

Gavin has also decided he wants piano lessons.  I think he's pretty young for all of that, but while he is interested, we will pursue it!  Right now he is learning about the groupings of black keys and the numbers assigned to each of his fingers.

Earlier this month Gavin formally applied to our school district's Early Access program for kindergarten.  We had to create a portfolio of Gavin's abilities in several categories, plus write a letter and have his preschool teacher write a letter endorsing the decision.  We are hopeful that Gavin will be able to start kindergarten in the fall, which would be a year ahead of schedule, and that he will be able to attend the same school as Zach and Tyler. We won't likely have the district's decision for a month or two.  If it doesn't work out, that must mean that God has something better in store for our amazing little boy....and his mama, who is really missing her naps.
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