Jan 20, 2012

Tyler at school

I found these gems in Tyler's backpack this week and thought they were worth sharing.

I love Tyler's art.  Any kind.  Anywhere.  I think this turkey looks pretty happy.  I wonder where he was going.

This story cracks me up.  Tyler is so creative!  A transcription is below the picture.

The Trimpsterator

The Trimpsterator is a deadly, cute little devil.  It lives everywhere on land and in water, but not in swamps. It may look cute at first, but it can change its head from hampster to alligator within a second.  It has 3 toes and legs and eyes like a triceratops, eyes for protection, and toes and legs for a fast getaway.  The monster-like trimpsterator has a body like a hampster and a head like a gator (most of the time).  The trimpsterator eats anything that is available for its meal!  Watch out!

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