Aug 25, 2011

The big sister

After almost eight years of being a mom to boys only, it's pretty fun to have a pair of daughters in the family. Every time I make a reference to "the girls," I smile.  With three boys going to school each morning, the girls and I will be spending lots of time together.

Understandably, Lexi is having the hardest adjustment to a baby in the house.  She is supremely curious about everything, so I try to involve her as much as possible in Kate's care.  But fetching diapers, choosing outfits, bringing burp cloths, and watching feedings hasn't done much to temper her frustration with my newly divided attention.  Lexi often tells me to "put baby down," "stop feeding her," etc.

Lots has changed at our house this week, with Kate's arrival and Gavin's attendance at preschool. Lexi lost her all-day playmate and gained a baby sister who can neither play nor converse nor lead pantry raids and house escapes.  Plus, Lexi's awesome Granny replaced Mom for a couple days, which she didn't appreciate.  Granny's help is much more acceptable now that I am home, but Lexi has been super clingy and prefers my assistance in every activity.  And of course she's thrilled when Daddy comes home.

On Tuesday morning Kate had her first appointment with the pediatrician.  I went straight from that to pick up Gavin from preschool.  Lexi was devastated to be left at home.  She registered her dissatisfaction first with an epic tantrum and then by giving Granny the cold shoulder.  She hid under the grand piano--and then fell asleep at 10:00 a.m.!  Poor girl.

So I'm trying to spend lots of one-on-one time with Lexi, at least as much as our new lifestyle will allow.  Hopefully as we settle into a new routine she'll realize she is loved and cherished as much as before, and that her upside-down world will be happy once more.

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