Aug 20, 2011

The night before Baby

When I couldn't find a babysitter for the ward adult social on Friday night, I figured it was Fate telling us to spend our last night before Baby as a family.  We decided to pick up subs for dinner and play at the park together.  Happily, the weather cooperated and we weren't rained out!

This photo of Lexi says it best: Jimmy John's sandwiches are yummy.  This girl ate her sandwich over a period of about thirty minutes.  She took a bite, ran off to play, and then came back for another bite every few minutes.

After eating, the kids all took scooters over to the skate park.  They had a blast scooting up and down the ramps, but I don't think the teenagers/young adults appreciated interference from small people.  We didn't stay too long.

As the kids played, I couldn't help but stare at the hospital across the street.  I would be there soon enough!

The evening didn't end as happily as I had hoped.  I was shooting for warm fuzzies at bed time, but it seems that child grumpies are part of the evening routine.  Despite that, it still felt a little bit like Christmas Eve as we all anticipated Saturday's induction.  The kids went to bed and Garry and I tidied the house, readied baby gear, and tried to relax.  It was pretty crazy imagining that in just a few hours, we'd have a new family member in our arms!
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