Aug 24, 2011


Gavin started preschool on August 22, the day Kate and I came home from the hospital.  I missed his departure, but I could feel his excitement from afar.  All morning I watched the clock, imagining what he was doing and feeling at that moment.  It was a momentous day!

Gavin was thrilled to finally wear his "preschool clothes," or an outfit we found for him at Costco a few weeks ago.  He couldn't wait to use his backpack and deliver school supplies to his classroom.  The thought of leaving for school with the big boys and riding in Dad's car was almost too much to handle!  The grin on Gavin's face says it all.

My little man made my day when he called me on the way to school.  I was so happy to hear his excited voice telling me all about his plan to have a great day.  My mother heart was grateful to have a piece of his experience that morning, even though I felt very far away.  

I worried a little bit that Gavin would be super excited about the idea of attending preschool but would balk at being left alone at the school.  I am so glad I was wrong.  By all accounts, his first day -- and week -- was 100% successful.  Gavin seems to relish his experiences every day and always comes home happy.  He's such a big boy now!  We could not be happier or feel more blessed by this opportunity.  

Just for fun, I'll tack on a couple of darling Gavinisms from this week.  

The first happened at the hospital on Sunday morning.  Just after Garry arrived with Granny, Gavin, and Lexi, a technician arrived to perform Kate's hearing screening.  We all settled in to watch.  Gavin, of course, wanted to hover directly over his sister.  The sweet technician let Gavin help apply the sensors and earphones to Kate's head and face.  Then he held one of the earphones in place while the test proceeded.  Eventually, Gavin left the bed side and sat in Garry's lap to watch.  He folded his arms, obviously pleased with his work, and declared, "I think I'm a doctor now!" We laughed and laughed.

Later, when all the kids came for another visit, the room got a little crowded.  I stood up and let Gavin sit in the bed.  He stretched out his arms and legs, really settled into the pillow, and said, "Now I think I'm a mom!"

Tonight, Garry took Gavin to watch Zach's soccer practice.  There they had the following exchange.
Garry: Hey, there's a nose stuck on your face and I can't get it off!
Gavin: That's because it's mine!  Jesus made it and put it there so it won't come off!

Silly Gavin.  We sure love him.
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