Aug 11, 2011

Back to school (soon)

Is summer really coming to an end?  I can hardly believe it, but the answer is a resounding YES!  In the spirit of such things, I assigned some journal writing this morning that encouraged the boys to share their feelings about returning to school.  Each of the entries exudes the personality of the writer.  I love them!

Zach's entry: "I feel really mad that I have to go back to school.  I feel mad because school is long and boring, also I have to do homework.  Next, it interferes with my play time.  That is why I hate school."

Well, he doesn't mince words, does he?  One never has to wonder what Zach is feeling.

Tyler's entry: "I am exited and nervous to go to school.  I am exited because I like school.  I am nervous because I am skipping a grade and I am nervous on the first day."

Me too, Tyler.  Me too!

This afternoon Zach and Tyler attended a back-to-school event.  It was one of those milestone calendar items I never thought would arrive.  At 3:30 the Bigs and I met Dad at the elementary school.  Zach was excited to attend--and to wear his new clothes--despite his obvious (and quite possibly exaggerated) objections to all things scholastic.  Tyler was just plain happy.  I'll admit to being a little giddy myself.  School, glorious school....

I asked Zach to smile "for real" and he said, "How can I? I'm at school!!"

We met the teachers (all of whom we knew from last year), found the classrooms and the desks, put away the school supplies, signed up for things, and bought planners and t-shirts.  Tyler was thrilled to discover that our neighbor, Tyler, is in his class.  That will make his transition easier.  Zach was bummed that his best friends are in other classes.  Maybe a new best friend is waiting for him this year.  Garry and I met with the TAG coordinator, who has been working closely with both boys.  We solidified some important details for Zach's math program and met his private instructor.  I am VERY happy with the plans set in motion for Zach and Tyler this year.  They are in good hands.

In the morning we will have mini-conferences with the boys' teachers.  Between now and then I need to fill out a mountain of paperwork.  And then, on Monday, school begins.

I'd really like to have a baby over the weekend, too.  Think we can squeeze that in?
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