Aug 14, 2011

My Betsy

This is Betsy, Lexi's beloved stuffed doggie.  Lately Betsy has become much more than a lovey; she is a full-fledged family member.  Betsy is Lexi's constant companion, her dearest friend, her greatest comfort.  Betsy eats with the family, travels in the car, plays outside, and engages in every activity possible.  Betsy has thoughts and feelings and apparently loves to dance and play dress-up.

Lexi truly mourns when Betsy takes her weekly trip through the washer and dryer.  I have to lock the laundry closet for two hours to prevent Lexi from disrupting the machines' cycles.  Sometimes I wonder if Lexi's obsession with Betsy and her oh-so-chewable ears is healthy.  But mostly I'm grateful that my little girl has a best friend.
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