Aug 17, 2011

Last days for the Littles

It's hard to believe that in just a few days, a baby will join the ranks of "the Littles" in our household.  I can't help but see Gavin and Lexi differently right now.  They have no idea who or what is coming.  I guess none of us do, really, but I'm afraid their sweet sister will rock their world for a bit.  We've got lots of changes going on at our house right now!

This morning Garry and I took Gavin to his preschool orientation.  Gavin was ecstatic to be there and enthusiastically wore his name tag.

He was excited to complete a scavenger hunt that helped him become familiar with the classroom, and then, when it was time, to play with the other children while the lead teacher met with the parents. I was thrilled with the classroom, too, which is large and bright and cheerful and has great materials and equipment for the children.  Gavin's teacher, Ms. Rita, seems fantastic.  After watching Gavin interact with the kids and his teachers, I am very grateful that this classroom environment will provide his first school experience.  We are very blessed!  One of the biggest reasons I'd like to deliver before Saturday is so I can be home from the hospital in time for Gavin's first day of school on Monday.

After orientation, Gavin, Lexi, and I went to our ward's park playgroup.  Today we met at the park in our neighborhood, so Gavin rode his bike and I pulled Lexi in the wagon.  The exercise and socializing was great for all of us.  Lexi was fairly clingy, though, and spent lots of time making sure Betsy enjoyed herself on the swings.

I worry about my little girl and how she will handle being replaced as the youngest in the family.  In the long term I know she'll be just fine, but I'm sure she'll need extra love and reassurance in the days and weeks to come.  At least Betsy can be a good friend to help her through the transition!
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