Aug 29, 2011

A toast

On Wednesday afternoon, I noticed a remarkable thing: I wasn't nauseated.  Wow!  It was a condition I had been longing for since the beginning of the year.  I hadn't known I was pregnant for a week before I started feeling nasty, and it was less than two before barfing began in earnest.  I was begging for relief soon after and started taking Zofran on January 16th.  Things sort of spiraled out of control from there.

So it was pretty amazing to realize at 3:30 p.m. that I hadn't taken Zofran all day.  I hadn't needed it.  I didn't need it.  And I haven't needed it since then.  Wow!

By Friday evening it seemed my new-found freedom from nausea might be permanent, so we celebrated as a family.  I decided it would be fitting to toast the return of my health with a grape cream slush from Sonic.  Happily, my favorite pregnancy treat was even more delicious without waves of nausea pressing on my stomach.  The kids got to order whatever they wanted and were delighted with their treats, too.

Here's to a new lease on life!
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