Jul 22, 2011

The frozen food section

Some lovely ladies in my ward helped me make 15 meals for my freezer this morning. Thanks to their efforts, some of my own, and the help of another friend who picked up ingredients from my house and prepared three meals in her kitchen, our freezer is fully stocked!  I'm sad I don't have a picture of my happy helpers (Kym, Jennie, Shelly, Amie, Marcia, and Cindy), but I'll always remember them!

On Wednesday night we had a scare with the freezer.  I went out to retrieve something for dinner and found that the food in the door was softening (though still very cold).  The interior light was on and the motor was still humming, so I shut the door tight and hoped for the best.  It has been an expensive year (with more to come!) and I couldn't imagine needing to replace our freezer, let alone lose all of the frozen meals it held.  Thankfully, it seems that a not-shut-tight-enough door was the culprit, and most of our food was saved. Phew!

This is one more item on my Before Baby Bucket List that I am thrilled to cross off. 
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