Jul 17, 2011

Making a memory

Today was hot.  Yesterday was hot.  When I told my little sister this today she said, "Like how hot?"  I laughed.  The mid-90's is small potatoes compared to the 115's of Mesa, Arizona, but for this pregnant mama in a house with no air conditioning, the heat has really set off the old whine-o-meter.

So tonight, when Garry walked outside to take the trash to the curb, I was stunned to feel a cool breeze floating in the open door.  I stepped onto the porch to take stock.  It was SO cool outside, and a lovely breeze was blowing.  We had just said family prayers, but four pajama-clad kids spilled out the door and into the back yard.  They immediately hit the swings and slide.  I abandoned all thoughts of bed time as I pulled out a lawn chair and planted myself in the middle of the yard.  Some of the day's stress and discomfort flew away on the wind.

For the next hour, the kids romped and played in the cool evening air.  Gavin and I "practiced baseball game" with a ball and glove, which was easy to do from my chair.  That graduated into a family affair, with Dad pitching and boys taking turns batting, fielding, and catching.  Lexi amused herself with swings and slides, sometimes sitting on my lap to watch her crazy brothers play ball.  She even took a few turns at bat.  

We all laughed as we played.  It was genuine, relaxed, happy laughter.  The big kids helped the little kids.  We all whooped and hollered every time Gavin hit a pitched ball (which was often) and when a brother "got a turkey," or three hits in a row.  

The setting sun called an end to our lovely evening, but no one complained about coming inside at dark.  No one complained about going to bed.  Even I wasn't frustrated about a two-hours-late bedtime.  And though I don't have a photograph to document our evening, I hope I will always remember the feeling of utter contentment that came as we played together as a family.
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