Jul 26, 2011

a bed post

Yesterday afternoon I saw Gavin run into the backyard with his bed pillow.  I asked him not to; he totally ignored me.  A few minutes later I went outside to collect him, and this is what I found:

Yep, two little monkeys, snug as bugs in a....toy box.  I can't imagine how uncomfortable that must have been, but Gavin and Lexi were very upset when I wouldn't allow them to nap in the toy box. Crazy kids!

Lexi is loving her little toddler bed.  She generally stays in bed very well and obviously feels like such a big girl.  She enjoys playing with the toys on her night stand before she falls asleep.  We usually check on her later and find a random assortment of toys tucked in around her.

In other bed news, Baby Girl's bed is now ready to go.  Her little corner of the office doesn't offer all the pomp and circumstance that usually accompanies a new baby at our house, but space and practicality trump all.  

When Baby is sleeping well (dare I say "through the night"?), we will transition her to the crib and see how the room-sharing thing goes.  Just in case she is a fantastic sleeper right off the bat (ha!), that bed is ready, too.

As for me, I'm spending as much time in my own bed as possible.  Doesn't it look so peaceful and inviting?

It's a little crazy to contemplate entering the newborn phase when I'm still doped up on nausea meds.  I'm sad that I haven't had a single day's reprieve from feeling yucky and wish I felt closer to my "A-game" as the baby's birth approaches.  But hearing from my doctor yesterday that my body is starting to progress toward delivery gave me a significant emotional boost.  Perhaps I won't be pregnant forever.  I am confident that whatever this little girl brings to our family, it will be a welcome change.  We are all VERY ready to meet her!
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