Jul 27, 2011

Photo Ops

This week I managed to capture some fun and random shots of the kids.  Why not throw them all together in one post?

Exhibit A: Lexi + Marker = Mess.  Zach used the blue marker to fill in the latest segment on our summer reading chart and apparently failed to put it away.  Remarkably, Lexi only used herself as a canvas and didn't get ink on her pajamas (perhaps because she took off her pants first), the furniture, the carpet, or the walls.  And it all came off with a baby wipe.

Exhibit B: Gavin making Jell-O.  He disproved the adage, "A watched pot never boils," because believe you me, he sat and stared at that water until he just about burned his nose off.  And then he got to stir, which was the reward for such patience.

Exhibit C: The girl and her loveys.  Lexi has been extra emotional/clingy/cuddly since her separation from us in early July.  Whenever she is upset, she requires Betsy and a blanky.  I don't remember what offended her on this day, but I was sweating just looking at her all wrapped up.

Exhibit D: Boys in trees.  The boys and their friends have rediscovered the trees in the green space behind our house this week.  Gavin loves to join the big kids but usually stays in the 5-10-feet-above-ground range, which is much better than his tree-climbing escapades in our yard.  Don't get me wrong; I'm still nervous about it.  But sometimes he's too fast for me and I can't keep his feet on the ground!

Exhibit E: Exhausted girl.  The pixie couldn't even make it to her bed after lunch, even though she begged for "one more show" before nap time.  When I suggested she bring a pillow and blanket to the couch, this is what happened.  Silly girl.

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