Jul 8, 2011

So, what did you do all week?

This is the question everyone is asking, so I've decided to answer it!  In short, I have been relaxing and putting my feet up as much as possible.  I have been enjoying time with Garry.  I have been getting more sleep and basking in the utter peace and quiet.  This week has been such a wonderful break, and I hope it will provide the boost I need to get through the last five weeks of summer vacation.

More specifically, Garry and I:
  • Enjoyed our most peaceful, spiritual sacrament meeting in years
  • Watched Temple Grandin, which is now my favorite movie
  • Shopped at the Outlets at Castle Rock for athletic shoes (Garry) and clothes (the kids)
  • Attended a ward 4th of July breakfast, where Garry volunteered in the kitchen
  • Ate a delicious BBQ at home, topped off with the best homemade ice cream ever created
  • Watched part of the first two seasons of Castle on DVD (I slept through many episodes)
  • Performed sealings at the Denver Temple
  • Talked to our kids on the phone every day
During the days while Garry worked, I:
  • Woke up, went to bed, and took naps on my own terms
  • Added some flowers to (and extracted weeds from) the front yard flower bed
  • Finished reading The Out-of-Sync Child and started The Out-of-Sync Child Has Fun
  • Played the piano for recreation
  • Attended my weekly Doctrine & Covenants study group (without paying a babysitter!)
  • Got a hair cut and went with a friend to her hair appointment (without paying a babysitter!)
  • Enjoyed a fantastic professional massage (without paying a babysitter!)
  • Spent more time reading the scriptures than usual
  • Listened to several Women's Conference talks that have been sitting in my DVR for months
  • Made a big bowl of caramel popcorn and ate nearly all of it myself
  • Started my 2011 blog book via Blurb and caught up completely
  • Made great headway on Zach's third grade memory book, also via Blurb
  • Went to lunch with a friend and spent three hours on the couch of another friend, just talking
  • Shopped for school clothes and supplies for the boys
  • Did only minimal housework and laundry
Truly, it has been a week of relaxation and rejuvenation.  And the kids have had a fabulous time with Garry's parents, sister, and her boyfriend.  We will drive to Frisco and pick them up in the morning.  Hopefully this week of vacation and separation will help us have renewed family devotion as we enjoy the rest of the summer.
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