Jul 1, 2011

OT: 2

I didn't set out to document every one of Gavin's OT sessions, but they are just so fascinating!  It is nice for me to note Gavin's progress.  Sometimes the smallest victories keep us going from day to day.

I wasn't sure how Gavin would do today.  His siblings were lucky enough to go swimming with friends this morning, so dropping them off at the pool brought Gavin great disappointment.  Although he had been excited to visit Miss Dana at her gym before that, he was so upset in the moments leading up to his appointment.  I did promise an ice cream date after his session, but the thing that calmed him down was wearing goggles and doing joint compressions when we sat down in the office.  He skipped right in when Dana called for him.

Today's session was less fun and more work.  I suppose we should have expected that transition.  Dana had lots of information to share with me, and Gavin wasn't as thrilled with the solo activities she provided for him while we talked.

But there was this fabulous swing, which Gavin is still raving about.  I can't remember its official name, but using it showed that Gavin has strong arms, good balance, and good core strength.  Mostly he thought it was lots of fun!  (And I asked permission to take a picture.)

Gavin spent the rest of the time doing some fine motor work at the table.  I need to spend lots of time with him on proper crayon and scissor grip, cutting lines, and tracing.  Dana suggested that threading beads, playing with nuts and bolts, and any other activities that strengthened his dexterity would be helpful.  I have always thought that Gavin had excellent dexterity, but apparently being able to open medicine bottles, cabinet latches, and door locks; untying knotted shoelaces; and working car seat buckles doesn't count.  She also encouraged me to engage Gavin in "messy play" experiences.  For all the messes he makes, Gavin really doesn't like having dirty hands.  Dana suggested that overcoming that issue might calm down his "tacticle defensiveness," the practical application of which would mean less laundry for me, since Gavin changes his clothes if one speck of water, dirt, food, etc. gets on them.

One happy improvement was at the end of Gavin's visit, when he got to choose two stickers.  Last time this was an incredibly laborious process, but today he quickly picked two and moved on.  Hooray!  Gavin and I enjoyed some YoYogurt on the way home.  He chose to add gummy bears and sour worms to his cake-batter-and-cookie-flavored yogurt.  Yum!(?)

I am currently devouring The Out-of-Sync Child, which by all accounts is the Bible of sensory dysfunction.  I am nearly through the diagnostic chapters and looking forward to the strategy section.  Dana sent home a few handouts, too, including one about the Wilbarger brushing protocol.  Will this help?  Who knows!  I am feeling pretty overwhelmed with it all today, but it does feel good to have hope on the horizon.
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