Jul 25, 2011

Sunday night at the movies

I captured some fun family video this weekend.  I say "fun," but I suppose that's a pretty subjective term.  Family videos aren't always entertaining for the people not on the video. Anyway...

Video One: Tyler on the piano.  We are slogging through piano lessons.  I'm finding it difficult to give Zach and Tyler weekly lessons.  They go so much better when Garry is home to referee the little ones, but our Saturdays tend to be very full and I'm totally out of energy in the evenings.  The boys do practice very regularly, however, so I guess that is something.  This clip shows Tyler practicing a song called "Alouette," which is his current favorite.  The blanket wrapped around his waist was to help guard against the "cold."  Saturday was the first morning in weeks that I wasn't sweating when I woke up, but the kids were supposedly freezing with all the windows open!

Video Two: Lexi singing.  On Saturday night Lexi wanted to cuddle in my bed.  I was happy to oblige, since I had a terrible nausea day and desperately wanted to fall into a coma for the next few weeks.  Within minutes, Lexi was entertaining me by singing her usual bedtimes songs to me (instead of the other way around).  Hopefully you can understand her (or get the gist, anyway).  I think her little singing voice is adorable.  The songs on the video include: Zippity Do-Dah, I am a Child of God, Leo the Lion, How Much is That Doggie in the Window?, ABCs, A-l-e-x-i-s, and Popcorn Popping.

Video Three: Starring Gavin, with supporting stars Lexi and Tyler.  Gavin walked in just after I finished up with Lexi and wanted to get in on the game.  He started off singing a lovely song, but things got pretty silly after that.  Tyler and Lexi joined the fun after a few minutes.  So if you are in the mood to laugh at crazy children who will not hold still (at all), this video is for you!'

P.S.  Zachary wanted nothing to do with the video camera.
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