Jul 12, 2011

The kids' summer vacation

Last week Zach, Tyler, Gavin, and Lexi enjoyed a grand adventure: they spent seven days in Frisco, Colorado with Garry's family.  While I reveled in peace, quiet, and sleep, the kids had an entourage of adults entertaining, feeding, and spoiling them silly. What a fantastic arrangement.

Here is the cast of characters:

From L to R: Great-Grandma Terry, Lexi, Christian (Aunt Heidi's boyfriend), Aunt Heidi, Zachary, Grandma Bartle, Gavin, Tyler, and Grandpa Bartle.

The setting: A three-bedroom condo nestled in a ski resort town in all its summer splendor.  Frisco is about 2.5 hours north and west of Colorado Springs.

The agenda included:

Going to church.  This deserves special mention because Gavin and Lexi SLEPT through Sacrament Meeting and went to their classes without any fuss at all.  Will wonders never cease?

Fourth of July fun.  Everyone attended a small-town parade.  The boys especially loved when parade participants threw candy, coins, and snow at the spectators.  That night they had a festive cake and watched a spectacular fireworks display over the lake.

Fishing.  Grandma and Grandpa bought fishing poles for all the kids and took them fishing nearly every day.  Zach was in heaven, even though no one caught a fish all week.  Even Lexi and Gavin attempted to fish.  They tried a few different fishing spots (one of which had an adjacent park) and had a great time.  

Swimming.  The rented condo had a clubhouse with an indoor pool.  Most days included a swim after breakfast.  Everyone enjoyed using the inflatable "manta ray" rafts that Grandma and Grandpa brought.

Lots of treats.  Making homemade ice cream in a five-gallon bucket, roasting marshmallows for S'mores, baking chocolate chip cookies, and eating lots of candy was a highlight of the week.  Tyler repeatedly mentioned the bowl of ice cream he enjoyed after dinner every night.  Such a novelty!

Random fun and bonding.  The big boys especially enjoyed skipping rocks at the marina and meeting ferrets that belonged to a neighboring vacationer.  Lexi adored Grandpa and Gavin was Grandma's little buddy throughout the week.  Grandma Great gave Lexi a foofy skirt that she wore everywhere.  Heidi loved styling Lexi's hair, and everyone had so much fun with Christian. Good times, good times!

Happily, most of the kids' problem behaviors took a vacation last week.  The adult-to-child ratio was ideal, and with constant entertainment and minimal responsibility, the kids really had the time of their lives.  I'm so glad they had the opportunity to spend that time with Garry's family and to break from our daily routine for a while.  It truly was a vacation to remember!
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