Jul 28, 2011

Best news ever

I've had a burning question since January that was finally answered in a happy way today. Gavin has been accepted to District 20's Colorado Preschool Program!  This is a truly incredible opportunity for Gavin, and I am certain is the perfect place for him to begin his scholastic experience.  With teachers who are trained to understand and manage sensory disorders, Gavin will have the best chance for success in a classroom setting.  I firmly believe that his preschool years will be a defining time in his life, ones that will help him develop the skills he needs not only for school functionality, but for success in life in general.  I could not be more thrilled.

It is amazing to ponder the miraculous way that this blessing has unfolded.  From the sweet friend who initially set us on the path (you're the best, Sunny!) to the insurance denial that led to exploring district services, from the pediatrician's perfect letter of advocacy to quiet moments of inspiration for me at the kitchen table, from occupational therapy to formal preschool evaluation, it is clear that Heavenly Father's hand has been in all of the details.  I have certainly had moments of fear and doubt along the way.  The last few months have definitely been frustrating at times.  But today, as I sobbed my way through a prayer of thanks, I had the strong reassurance that Heavenly Father knows my name--and he knows what my little boy needs.  That may be the greatest blessing of all.
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