Jul 20, 2011

Jam session

Last night Garry helped me cross "make strawberry jam" off my Before Baby Bucket List.  As we worked together, my mind scrolled through many jam-making memories, including the first year Garry and I made strawberry jam.  It was my first time making jam outside my mother's kitchen and I had no idea how many strawberries I had purchased.  I was pregnant with Zach and we were living in a tiny apartment in Provo.  We had so much jam that we had to give about half of it away because we needed the freezer space! But we made some great memories.

Last night wasn't so magical, but the creative process was pretty satisfying.

I did have to do the dishes first.

Garry and I had a pretty efficient system going.  We also made banana bread during the jam waiting periods.  Toward the end, when we ran out of plastic containers (and realized we were out of milk), Garry made a quick jaunt to the grocery store.

Not a bad night's work.  I was so grateful for Garry's help.  We accomplished all of this in 2.5 hours.  It would have taken so much longer by myself.

Twenty-nine pints of jam (five of them raspberry) should get us through lots of pb&j sandwiches.
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