Jul 3, 2011

This week's fun

Remember how I'm trying to see the good in the world?  Here are a few of the happy highlights from our week:

Getting ready for baby.  Hanging up tiny dresses, folding tiny Onesies, putting away tiny diapers, and getting a tiny home-from-the-hospital outfit in the mail has been pretty fun.  Lexi likes having her clothes in the lower dresser drawers now, but her favorite baby prep step has been playing with the infant car seat.  After re-ordering the seating arrangement in the van to accommodate our wee one, I brought the car seat inside to clean.  Lexi adores buckling in her babies...and occasionally herself.

Swimming with the Zelaskos.  Julie and her teenage kids, bless their generous hearts, offered to have my kids over to swim at their apartment's club house.  I don't own a maternity swimming suit, but she was willing to take all of the kids without my help.  I left to get an oil change in the van, which took far too long, but the kids had a fantastic time in my absence.  They also enjoyed swimming with the Housers at a different community pool during Gavin's OT appointment.  We're blessed to have friends with great connections!

Mom Camp.  Round Three wasn't scheduled to happen until July 13, but some scheduling conflicts bumped it up to Monday.  I don't have any pictures, since I didn't host (yay!).  Zach's group went swimming and Tyler's group played water games outside.  I hired a sitter for the Littles and went to my OB appointment.

Lexi discovered markers.

We visited parks on Monday and Thursday, connecting with friends both times.

Dinner at Costco.  With a little road trip coming up (dropping the kids off to spend time with grandparents), it was time to have the van's tires rotated.  It was nice to escape the house during the hottest part of the day.  We added to the fun with ice cream.

Tyler lost a tooth.  The Tooth Fairy even remembered to come!

Lexi and I indulged in a joint pedicure for the first time.  Too cute.  (Gavin was mightily jealous.)

We attended Tyler's last baseball game of the season.  Our favorite #12 hit two pitched balls, which brought a roar of excitement from our section.  Way to go, Tyler!  Gavin mostly goofed off on the sidelines.  He was hilarious to watch.

Lexi's darling curls.  I'm not sure how or why, but Lexi's hair has begun to curl in the back.  We are experimenting with product to hold the curl, as well as other styles.  I seriously need braiding lessons!

A visit from friends.  Our long-time friends from California stopped by for a couple of hours on Saturday.  We first met as newlyweds at BYU in 1998.  It takes a good friend to stay in touch this long, especially with such infrequent visits.  Seeing the Jankovich family in person (instead of on a Christmas card) after four years was just lovely!

A trip with the Bartles.  Now for the REAL fun: a kid vacation with Grandma and Grandpa.  Garry and I dropped the kids off in Frisco, Colorado for a week of adventure with their grandparents (and forgot to snap a photo while we were there).  The kids look forward to fishing, swimming, hiking and more--all while Garry and I spend a week alone at home.  Well, Garry will still be working, but I am sure looking forward to the peace and quiet!  Sounds like fun to me!
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