Mar 21, 2011

Taking a [very silly] poll

This evening over dinner Garry and I had a discussion about where Baby 5 would live when he or she arrives. One of us has been thinking about this for a while, and one of us thought about it today for the first time. Of course, the two of us had radically different notions and a meeting of the minds has not yet taken place.

When Lexi was in utero, we used the Normal Mormon Husband to mediate a naming disagreement. That was a mostly silly experience and didn't help at all (although the poll winner is still my very favorite), but I thought of him tonight when Garry and I were deadlocked over the allocation of real estate in our home. Mind you, we only talked about it for ten minutes, and this is a good-natured deadlock, and we really don't have to decide right away. So I'm turning to you. Here is the background.

We have a five-bedroom house. Garry and I obviously share one room, which is on the main floor of our ranch-style abode. Lexi is next to us in a 9'x10' pink and girlified room. Next to her is another small bedroom, which we use as a home office (picture computer, printers, filing cabinet, desk, etc). Downstairs we have a large family room and two bigger bedrooms. Tyler and Gavin share one, and Zachary has a room to himself. This arrangement, which we have had for about a year and a half, has worked swimmingly. I am quite content.

With the arrival of Baby 5, we have a few options. Having the baby in our room is NOT an option. Let's just get that out of the way.

Option A: Move Lexi downstairs to share with Gavin. Move Tyler in with Zach. Give Lexi's room to Baby. Keep the office intact.

Option B: Move Gavin into Zach's room and have Lexi share with Tyler. Give Lexi's room to Baby. Keep the office intact.

Option C: Move Zach into Gavin and Tyler's room (we can re-bunk T & G's beds and easily fit another twin bed). Move Lexi into Zach's old room. Give Lexi's room to Baby. Keep the office intact.

Option D: Move office stuff to the family room downstairs. Possibly buy new furniture to accommodate the change. Keep all children in current living arrangements. Give Baby the bedroom-formerly-known-as-office.

So there you have it. This is a very silly, superficial, non-problem, but I hope you'll indulge me with your opinions. We are spoiled with lots of space in our house; the trouble is allocating it to our greatest advantage. Some questions we've been mulling over include:

*Does it matter if different genders share a room?
*If personality and/or age conflicts currently exist, will they be improved or worsened by the sharing of bedrooms?
*Is it more important to have a dedicated office or a bedroom just for the baby?
*Will our decisions be swayed when we know the baby's gender next week?

Please let me know what you think we should do by leaving me a comment! I'd love to know which option sounds best, but more importantly, WHY it sounds best. I'm sure we haven't considered every angle. Thanks for your input!
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