Mar 13, 2011

The magical world of letters

Over the last few weeks, Gavin has opened his eyes to the magical world of the letters. Practicing with him is something simple I can do from the couch, and I have been completely amazed at how quickly he has caught on. Not only is he rapidly learning to identify letters (both upper- and lower-case) but he is associating sounds with the letters, too. This path of discovery has been delightful to watch. It's an experience I want to remember.

Some of his recent letter-prompted exclamations include:

M! That's for Mommy-Heidi!

H! That's for Heidi-Mommy! And hugs!

G! That's for me and Garry-Daddy and grapes!

U! That's for BYU!

Gavin: That's an i!
Heidi: Actually, that's an exclamation point. It is there to show excitement.
Gavin: I am excited! There's an F!

Upon seeing an S, he said, "That's a ssssssssssssssssssssss."

Gavin also realized that the letters of our last name are displayed on the living room wall as part of a picture collage. Now he can spell his last name. The same day he discovered that our house numbers appear above the garage outside, so he suddenly knows our address. I'm already wondering if this kid is going to be our earliest reader.

Maybe I don't have to stress about preschool after all.
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