Mar 1, 2011

Army of angels

As I enter the second trimester of this difficult pregnancy, I am grateful to be doing better. I think I get a little stronger each day, more able to hold down food, better equipped to function as a human being, and more able act in my motherly role. I haven't thrown up for a week. This is a huge milestone -- one I haven't enjoyed since the beginning of January.

The fog is slowly lifting, and as it does, I am profoundly grateful for my blessings. I am especially humbled and somewhat awestruck at the outpouring of love, support, faith, and prayers that are being exercised on my behalf.

Today I found out that the entire Women's Conference committee is fasting and praying for me. Through my friend on the committee, a member of the Primary General Board emailed a message of love and support: "Bless her darling heart. She is a woman of great faith. Please convey my sincere love and respect for her when you next communicate."

A dear friend in Beaverton reflected on a beautiful experience we had together four years ago and said, "I felt sure that there were heavenly angels all throughout the halls of the hospital that day. It will always be a sweet memory for me. As I looked at [a picture from that day], I prayed that you would have an army of angels to help you through since we can't be nearby. Take Care, Miss Heidi. We'll be thinking of and praying for you."

Yesterday my neighbor brought me a beautiful blanket she crocheted for our baby. In the note she included with the blanket, she said, "All the prayers, time, effort, and service that have assisted you in the process are like every stitch crocheted in this blanket. In the end they will result in something beautiful and wonderful, and are worth every sacrifice you have made to get Baby Bartle here."

With such a tender army supporting me, how can I fail? Thank you, thank you, thank you, for all of you who are helping me. I can feel your strength.
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