Mar 12, 2011

Race to the finish line

Last Saturday night I was browsing Facebook and read a post from a friend in the ward. She referenced the Pinewood Derby. I thought to myself, "Huh. I wonder when that is." A few comments later and the stark reality screamed from my screen: It was in one week.

In hindsight, we should have known. Mormons (and especially Cub Scouts) tend to be traditional and seasonal about certain things. The Pinewood Derby is
always in March. Last year it was held on the exact same weekend. This monumental, annual scouting event should have been on my radar, but it just wasn't. (I've kind of been preoccupied.)

When I realized a big deadline was looming, I hollered to Garry: "Did you know the Pinewood Derby is next Saturday?"

His response: "Uh....nope."

So I asked: "Do we even have a car kit?"

And he said: "Zach has had it since November."

Ah. Excellent. I guess I've
really been preoccupied!

So Operation: Pinewood Derby commenced. Zach has had a design idea in mind since last year's skateboard, and luckily, he has a very handy father. The construction phase took more past-Zach's-bedtime hours than I preferred, but I'm sure there were some great father/son bonding moments. And I think the final product is fantastic!

I missed taking pictures of the sanding/shaping phase, but this shows Garry drilling a hole for the weight, which was actually a nail.

Then there was painting:

And voila! The pencil car! I'm totally impressed with Zach's creativity and Garry's ingenuity. This Dad can deliver!

Derby Day was a blast. Garry and the big boys grabbed lunch at McDonald's (everyone was encouraged to bring a picnic lunch) and headed to the church. The pencil passed muster at weigh-in. There was quite a collection of Derby cars to peruse (including a Hall of Fame display of past vehicles), and then it was time to race! Zach won third place in the Bear Den for speed, and got a certificate for "The Sharpest" car. He was thrilled. He came home grinning from ear to ear.

Next year, Tyler will be old enough to participate. He's ready to give up his spot on the sidelines!

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