Mar 12, 2011

Science UN-Fair

We have reached another parenting/scholastic milestone: The Science Fair. It was our first opportunity to appreciate that it would be easier to complete the project ourselves than deal with a child who doesn't want to do the work.

Many times we asked ourselves:

"How much work is this kid doing, anyway?"

"If he doesn't care about his grades, should we?"

"Is there such a thing as a good work ethic in a nine-year-old?"

"Do we let him quit and/or fail?"

"How important is the 'best effort'?"

But today, on the Saturday before the project is due, we are finished. It was a group effort. Zachary collected all the data and did the write-up. Garry showed Zach how to make charts and graphs. I helped Zach with the display.

We are all exhausted.

Zach's project is called "Electricity in My Home." Every day for a month, Zach checked our electricity meter and wrote down the daily reading.

Garry helped him convert these raw numbers into a daily electricity cost. Zach hypothesized that the daily cost would be $93.00. The actual cost varied between $2.60 and $5.11, with an average cost of $3.47 per day.

I tried to help Zach prepare for his oral presentation in class on Monday. He was less than thrilled with the process, but I think he knows the right information. Because we also spent this week preparing for the Pinewood Derby, we had too many late nights to still be lucid and happy on Saturday. Zach will need a big pep talk on Monday morning before school.

And I might need some Valium.
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