Mar 12, 2011

[Approaching] normal

Friday was the kind of day that I couldn't have fathomed happening a few weeks ago. I ended up doing too much, but at the end of the day I had a deep sense of satisfaction to go along with my nausea and fatigue. That was nice.

The day included shades of my former life: Pearl of Great Price study group, a visit to the lab for a blood draw, three square meals (plus snacks), a nap, talking to a neighbor, laundry, and playing outside with my kids in the beautiful Springtime weather. That last bit made me the happiest, of course.

Baby 5 will reach 16 weeks gestation on Monday. I seem to have bottomed out, weight-wise, and my belly is suddenly growing. My thrush is improving, as is the wicked cold. The nausea is still ever-present, but slowly abating, perhaps due to the new antacid in my medicine cabinet. I am still receiving lots of help from our ward Relief Society. I am grateful for the service. Our Spring Break begins at the end of next week, and I need to be more functional by then!
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