Aug 15, 2010


On this, the last Saturday of Summer, we spent the day as a family.

After Zach's football practice and kitchen haircuts, we drove around town looking at carpet. We visited a couple of warehouses and got some estimates. This process went much better than I expected.

So far, the independent contractor we talked to first has the best prices, but we're waiting on some more samples from him to confirm our decision.

Daddy also tried out our new baby swings with Gavin and Lexi.

And Zach and Tyler continued on their journey to learn the value of work. I recently declared that I will no longer clean up the kitchen after dinner. Garry and the boys are in charge. So Zach and Tyler are learning all about clearing and washing the counters and table; putting away food; rinsing and loading the dishes; and sweeping the floor. They don't appreciate the learning experience, but I am content knowing I am preparing future missionaries, college roommates, and husbands.

I also started the laundry and ironed 20 items of Garry's clothing before bed, but didn't take a picture of these exciting events. The night was fraught with exhausted children who wouldn't sleep (also unphotographed). But hey, I still got seven hours of sleep, and in theory, today is the day of rest....
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