Aug 17, 2010

Big boy, Little boy

Today was Zach's first football practice in full gear. He was excited and a little nervous. As he ran onto the field, I noticed he was the only kid on the team without a jersey -- but one of Dad's shirts got the job done. Of the 25 or so kids playing for the Rams Rookies, all are returning players except a few. Zach is one of the new kids on the block.

Garry picked him up from practice and had a chance to talk to the coach. Coach Mitch was surprised to learn that Zach has never played football before. Apparently he is the best center on the team! Zach will be the starting center this season; his natural ability makes up for his utter lack of experience. Zach will be at the center of the action, which makes me nervous, but he is so excited about this newly discovered talent. Coach Mitch also said that Zach would be a great running back. Football season just got more exciting for the biggest boy in the house!

Meanwhile, the littlest boy continued his study of the letter A today. Gavin was thrilled for the chance to paint with apples. As you can see, he covered several sheets of paper with apple-stamped paint. What masterpieces!

Notes to self: Buy a vinyl tablecloth. Mom needs a smock, too.

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